We are rushed. We are busy. We are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We do not have time for ourselves. The plane is going down and we are busy putting the oxygen mask on everyone else. We drink wine to dull our senses and help us sleep.

Here is the problem, you are not saving anyone’s life by going so fast you run people over and try to rule the world.

We are tired. We sleep too much. We have no energy to get through the day. We are watching too much television. The plane is going down, we put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, then we took a nap, not thinking about how we then need to help others. We drink wine to dull our senses and avoid reality.

Here is the problem, we are not doing enough to develop ourselves, be in healthy relationship with others, and make the world a better place.

It seems to me that we have decided that we need to pick either situation to be successful or find fulfillment. We believe that to be successful we need to lose sleep, be so busy we have no time for ourselves, and help any and everyone who needs it. Then we crash. Then we believe we need to shut the world away, quit our activities and hibernate because we cannot make anyone happy.

Ladies, the problem is that we think it is “either or”, but the solution is “both and”.

We need to have a productive life and we need to be helping others. We need to develop ourselves, grow our talents, strengthen the workplace, and not take our loved ones for  granted.

We also need to rest. We need to learn to say no and we need to learn to set better boundaries. There is nothing wrong with taking a vacation or shutting out the world for a period to renew our spirits. There is a place for binge watching Netflix.

Life is about balance. It is about knowing when to run and knowing when to sit on the sidelines. Working your tail off and taking a nap. Exercising for health and wellness and eating a slice of birthday cake at your son’s birthday party. Drinking wine with a friend and putting the wine away when it has become an emotional outlet and going to counseling instead.

“True success is knowing when to turn it on and knowing when to turn it off.”

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