Small Town Girls Plays Big will equip you to become a leader in in your industry. We believe that by becoming a better leader at work, you equip and empower others to become better leaders. When leaders rise in their industries, the community can rise. When your work place gets better, your small town gets better. We will train and equip you to improve in communication, conflict resolution, strategy, team work, time management, mindset, processes and procedures, performance outcomes, dealing with work place drama, and the list goes on.


Where would a small town be without its business owners? Whether you own a restaurant, boutique, flower shop, etc., STGPB is here to help you sustain and grow your business by connecting you with other successful women owned businesses. We can offer a funding source with our partner, Brave Star Capital, who is seeking to change the way small businesses are financed.


Nonprofits display servant leadership to the underserved in our communities. STGPB seeks to empower the women serving in this area of their community to be equipped with the essentials of a successful nonprofit.

Government & Law

Implementing the law and representing clients in small towns presents challenges different to those who govern in large cities. STGPB seeks to empower women serving in government in law with the leadership and support necessary to uphold what is right for its citizens.


Education is the cornerstone for empowering and equipping students and adults. STGPB seeks to support women teachers, administrators, support staff, by teaching leadership skills specific to the individuals they serve. STGPB also believes that having an after school program for junior high and high school students is essential to building future leaders. Our dream is to offer scholarships to women of any age, going to school to increase their income potential, change careers, or simply continue their education.


Churches are the heart of any community. STGPB is a faith based organization, equipping female church leaders to bring Biblical truths to their community. STGPB also provides practical theological training and Bible Studies for women to grow in their faith.


Where would we be without the ag community in our small towns? They are the economic support system and lifeline for most rural communities. STGPB seeks to empower and equip women in this industry by connecting her with other women around the country in this field.


Healthcare is a vital industry to any small town. Having access to quality medical services means our communities are thriving. STGPB seeks to support the healthcare industry by equipping and empowering women to strengthen their leadership skills in this industry.