Small Town Girls Play BIG (STGPB) is a business platform that provides personal and professional empowerment to women. Through our local, national, and international relationships, we connect like-minded women, leading communities, and businesses. Our network of “Small Town Girls” fosters solutions for business challenges, celebrates growth, and collaborates on important obstacles women are facing in today’s business landscape.

Meet the Founder

Darla Harms

Darla Harms, President/CEO of Small Town Girls Play BIG (STGPB) and Owner of Darla Harms Leadership, earned a master’s degree in Leadership and Adult Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), and she worked in education, churches, and non-profits before dedicating her career to full-time leadership. Despite her past professional roles and growing up in a small town of 1,200 people, leadership, influence, and thinking bigger was always her core focus.

She knew her calling was to fully pursue leadership after stumbling across a 13-week leadership class. This focus group was centered around the book “Leadership Gold” written by John Maxwell, Founder of the John Maxwell Team, with six women in attendance. After attending the first session, Darla immediately signed up for the John Maxwell Team certification program and, that year, became a Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer and launched Darla Harms Leadership.

Darla has facilitated leadership programs such as group trainings, onsite development, coaching, workshops, keynote speaking, and executive retreats. Now, she has entered the next phase of her career through empowering “Small Town Girls” and continuing to build her leadership legacy.


Small Town Girls Play BIG (STGPB) will equip women with tools to grow in the areas of leadership, business/organizations, relationships, finances, and mental/emotional health. This platform will provide resources such as books, blog posts, podcasts, conferences, trainings, YouTube videos, apps, and mentorship to elevate women in these pursuits.

STGPB will be the leading personal and professional development organization with a local, national, and international network for women. We will encourage, inspire, and motivate “Small Town Girls” to become the best versions of themselves, thus creating stronger, productive, and prosperous communities.

Our Mindset for Success

  • Expanding Connections
  • Exploring Opportunities
  • Life-long Learning
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Thinking Bigger